Safaris and holidays of a Lifetime

Extraordinary Journeys for Extraordinary People

The Explorations Company specialise in luxury tailor made safaris and holidays to the most beautiful parts of the world; providing experiences that will stay with you forever. Our expertise spans four continents, offering truly unique journeys in over forty countries around the globe.

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Life changing tailored safaris to Africa

We deliver bespoke experiences and opportunities to immerse yourself in the cultural landscape and wildlife of this magnificent, magical continent. Be a part of everything Africa has to offer, from the unique cultural history of Morocco in the north to the breath-taking safaris in Namibia and Botswana, all perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.

Experience Africa

Luxurious Tailored Holidays to Asia

Whether you long to make your acquaintance with the fascinating wildlife of Borneo or you dream of soaking up the enchantment of one of the many beaches in the Maldives, you have every opportunity to experience the breath-taking beauty and majestic charm this picturesque continent has to offer with our luxury tailor made holidays to Asia.

Experience Asia

Bespoke holidays to Latin America

Immerse yourself in everything Latin America has to offer with our tailor made luxury holidays. This beguiling part of the world boasts sensational scenery and fascinating experiences. From the spectacular wildlife of the Galápagos Islands, to the unique culture of Belize, to the relaxed tropics of Cuba, experiencing Latin America makes for truly memorable holidays.

Latin America

Tailor Made Holidays and Expeditions to The Polar Regions

Take yourself on the journey of a lifetime and experience the very best that the Polar Regions have to offer with our unique expeditions and tailor made holidays. Whether you visit the secluded penguin rookeries along the south coast of the Weddell Sea or traverse the icy terrain towards the South Pole on a pair of skis, you can seize every opportunity this remote corner of the globe has to offer. From their awe-inspiring landscapes to the incredible wildlife, the Polar Regions offer the ultimate journeys of a lifetime.

Polar Regions